A New Approach to Faster Disaster Recovery

How to Quickly Access a Trusted Community of Reliable & Vetted Professionals and Information Providers Who Leverage Their Resources While Eliminating Bureaucratic Delays & Reducing Risks to Their Customers and Companies
In 2012 hurricane Sandy pushed disaster management capabilities in government and industry beyond their limits to restore power, and help businesses and communities recover.

Amidst the chaos of events, A new opportunity for faster, more reliable public/private sensitive information sharing was born and quickly grew to become a nationwide community of professionals leverage each other to deal with major disasters, cyber security, and other public safety issues,

Learn how you and your organization can leverage their efforts and investments to do the same
Disaster Management

A new way for industry to work with state/federal government
to plan for, respond to & recover from any type of regional incident, disaster,
accident or disruption....

Jointly planning and developing new apps, websites, tools and data sets to enhance situational awareness and decision making

Results: Getting business & communities back in business faster following disruptions

Sensitive Information Sharing 

A new private sector operated "trusted" environment for sharing sensitive information w/government

Enables "data-driven decision making" to effectively manage disruptions

Leverages the SISE (Sensitive Information Sharing Environment)

Results: Developing new disaster apps store to centralize information, apps, data and solutions to save time searching across thousands of government and industry websites
Cyber Security
Working with industry, government and researchers to enhance cyber security,
identity management, and solution development

Identifying requirements across multiple sectors for identity management
and data security

In partnership with DHS Science & Technology, Johns Hopkins Applied
Physics Lab, and the private sector

Results: Aligning and prioritizing research with "real-world" cyber needs
Moving Research and Development
into the Real World Operations

Identifying industry response/recovery issues & requirements

Cataloging federal & commercial research technologies, solutions and products

Facilitating real world "pilot projects", feedback and enhancements

Results: Expediting adoption of innovation within the private sector
Joint Use Case & Solution Development

Facilitating public/private working groups to identify common issues (e.g. operational, legal,
policy, process or technology)

Jointly developing short-, mid-, and long-term solutions

Leveraging existing public and private investments, solutions & research for the public/private benefit

Results: Innovative information sharing solutions
Applied Technology - Disaster Apps Store (New)

Provides access to growing community of apps and developers

Centralizes information and data in single location

Leverages research, investments and 3rd party solutions

Allows access to multiple platforms simultaneously of trusted data sources with timely and actionable information

Results: Enhances education, situational awareness and decision support
Over 45,000 Nationwide Stakeholders in
Industry and Government
What People Are Saying....

“This initiative (the AHC’s data driven decision making initiative) will change the way industry and government plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disaster in the future.”  
Electric Sector Operations Executive, Duke Energy

“The Consortium operates the "enabling trust framework" that allows government and the private sector to jointly come together to plan, respond and recover faster to regional incidents via innovative information sharing processes and solutions that benefit multiple states, companies in many sectors and federal agencies year round."
FEMA Executive
“In my 35+ year career in the utility sector, I have never seen the private sector and government operations people work so closely together to produce real solutions to improve each other’s disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts.”
Electric Sector Operations Executive, Retired
"During floods and storms that cause power extended power outages, the AHC's unique real-time services provides our County Executive and senior leadership with the ability to better inform the public and county first responders on where they can purchase gas, coffee, food, water, medicine, medical supplies and hotel rooms.“
Director Emergency Management, County Government
Multi-State Fleet Response
Working Group
A private sector guided, public/private working group focused on supporting efforts and organizations that can help expedite the movement of private sector repair and supply chain fleets and resources across multiple state borders in response to disasters.

Results: Brings together private/public sector representatives to engage in a sustained integrated planning sessions that builds trust, identifies issues and creates solutions via training, policy, solutions, plans, and exercises.
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